Gonna play the A SIDE from their 'First Album' after seeing ZZ Top at Hammersmith

Just back from seeing ZZ Top rip up the Hammersmith Apollo last night - amazing gig - the usual great outfits, guitars and laid back humour and approach to the blues.  Didn't plug the new album but played lots of old stuff - Waitin for the Bus and Jesus Just Left Chicago,plus Certified Blues from their 'First Album' the sound wasn't like the sound off the First Album obviously - so what an excellent excuse to play the WHOLE of the A Side from an ORIGINAL London Records recording / pressing.  Listen in LIVE at 7pm Somer Valley FM Thanks to Juliet and Oenone for the tickets and Timma for coming down to the Ol' smoke with me.  We drove to my folks nr Cambridge on Sunday and then into Edgeware  - London by car - arrghhhh but better than the train.

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