270813 Show - Interview with London songwritert Jon Bickley - Part 1

In this week's show I have Part One of a two part interview with Jon Bickley.  Jon contacted me several weeks ago with his CD's.  I was really impressed with his song writing, lyrical construction and all round outlook on life that I started contacting him via social media which culminated in a visit from Jon to Somer Valley studios were we chatted for length about music, life, song writing and ideology; so much so that the interview will be split into two parts, this week and next.

This weeks interview will also be split into 2 parts, one before and one after the Morris Round Up!  So its ALL UP for an in-depth and inciting interview with Jon Bickley.

Part 1
Introducing Jon and talking about his life, song writing career and other bands he works with.  Jon performs one of his protest songs ‘Not In My Name’ from his CD ‘The Common’ live in the studio and we discuss the background behind why he wrote the song and his ideology around protest.

Part 2
Continuing with his ideas and motivation for protest Jon performs another song from ‘The Common’ with ‘Poppies for Sale’ discussing its meaning in length.  Jon and I continue to chat about his guitar technique along with his musical and song-writing influences.  Jon was excited to here that his prog rock collaboration with his friends in Bath, Pagan Harvest is mirrored by another Somer Valley show - The ‘Progtolagists with Chris and Rees’ whom he is keen to connect with.  


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