SHOW - 26 November 2013 JUST LOTS OF TOP TUNES !!

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The track listings for this week's show is up BEFORE the show goes out - is this going to be the norm ?? and will you know what you're listening to before it goes out ??  Strange and most unusual questions that may not be answered in this post.  But hey, I've still got some top quality tunes to play, 'songs from the little well-known to the more obscure' again as I say, starting off with a classic from Dr Feelgood

2 tracks from Jess Vincent's Seesaw CD and a tune about the shooting of JFK from Tommy Sands, which was not a coincidence (the track not the shooting!).  We had two, yes TWO Tom Waits tunes last week as there definately was 'Time for Tom' as I got my timings out but just 120 seconds - through 3,480 seconds of show that's not too bad but along long time in the land of Folk and Blues.

I will be playing a 'mystery track' from Backpack Jone's new CD Betsy's Kitchen.  BPJ are giving away a T Shirt and a copy of the CD Betsy's Kitchen to the first person who contacts their Facbook page with the name of the tune - Nice one guys!!

here's the link!/BackPackJones

So here are the track listings this week along with pictures of the CD's and artists below.

Check out my facbook page:

ARTIST ............. TRACK
Dr Feelgood ........ She Does it Right
Tommy Sands ..... Who Killed JFK
Jess Vincent ........ Sail Away
Trevor Sewell ...... Fade to Grey
Ross and Jarlarth . Something for Gordon / Ne'er Shall Wean Her
Back Pack Jones .. ??????????????????
Greg Trooper ....... Good Luck Heart
Jess Vincent ......... SeeSaw Dreams
Lincoln Durham .. Annie Departee
Roscoe ................. Belly of a Whale
Tom Wiats ?????


Sands Tommy

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