16th January - Starting off the 2018 Shows listening to all the new tunes from 'Whats In The Post?'

Hi all

Well now its 2018 and my post bag is filling up its time to start loooking into all the great new CDs you've sent me in Whats In The Post? 

It'll be a big job but a good job - although I'm still in November 2017 CDs.

ARTIST                           TRACK
Ian Siegal                                The Writin’s on the Wall
Dom Prag                               Talitha
Appalachia                             Judgement Day
Ange Hardy                           What It Is
ZZ Top                                    Going Down To Mexico
Zachary Lucky                       Ramblin’ Mans Lament
Minnie Birch                           Untethered
Big Joe Williams                    Back To The Bottom Blues
Alex Campbell                       Captain Kid
The Nordic Fiddler’s Block  The Hen Hunt
The Mae Trio                          The Boat
Crooked Eye Tommy            After The Burn
The Furrow Collective          Poor Old Horse
Jimmy Brewer                        Back Seat Girl
Nic Jones                                 Farewell To The Gold
Hard Swimmin’ Fish             True Believer
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline  Been Loved Too Much
J. J. Cale                                    Humdinger
Sophie Ramsay                       The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow
ZZ Top                                    Whiskey ‘n Mama
Red Tail Ring                        Fall Away Blues
Furry Lewis             
The Clangers                         ‘Fishing’

and here are the piccies ..............................


This week's featured CD in What's In The Post?

And here's What's In The Post?

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