2 Janaury 2018 - A new Year so a Review of the Old One

Hi all

Yes a New Year with hopes of new and quality tunes to listen to (still making my way through last year's!).  So a review of last years tunes that yu all sent me in in 'What's In The Post?' as well as some of those MP3's and WAV's that make there way through.

So here goes.. now its not always a list of the best but of my favorites.. a big difference there I believe.  If you dont see yourself in there then my apolges but I couldn't get everyone in as there's been an awful awful lot of good tunes.  I've tried to do a good variety of all styles as well as artists whom would othewise get little if no air play.

This is Part 1+2 with 3+4 coming up next week.

ARTIST                                 YEAR
Bad Touch                             99%
Kitty MacFarlane                 Bus Song
Beth Hart                               Love is a Lie
Anne Gregson                       The Fiddler
Adrian and Meredith          Greasy Coat and Kitchen Girl
John Richard                         Can’t Help It
Martin Harley and
Daniel Kimbro                      Feet Don’t Fail Me
Steve Hussey and
Jake Eddy                  Long List of Goodbyes
Chris Murphy                       Thistlewood Bridge
Brigitte DeMeyer and
Will Kimbrough       I Can Hear Your Voice
Ben Hunter and
Joe Seamons              Shanghai Rooster and The Dominicker Hen
Daria Kulesh                         Distant Love
Thorbjorn Risager and
The Black Tornado  Lay My Burden Down
Samantha Fish                      It’s Your Voodooo Working
The Hut People                    Sweet Nightingale 
Otis Taylor                            Jump Jelly Jump
Elfin Bow                               Wisdom
Foxes Fair                              All the Pretty Horses
Alex Cumming and
Nicola Beazley         Billy Taylor
Danny Bryant                        On The Rocks
Cormac Begley                     The Yellow Tinker / Ril Mhor Bhaile An Chalaidh
Oka Vanga                            My Sweet Guitar
Ange Hardy                          Once I Was a Rose
Light Garden                        Behind Air
Tom Dale                               Little Birdy
Harrow Fair                          Harrow Fair Pig Auction
Miraculous Mule                 Holy Fever

 And here are the piccies....




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